Join The Team!

Are you looking to become a part of the Logan + Greys family?? We would love to have you!
Here is a little information about the team, and what we would expect from you:
Logan + Greys is all about fun and enthusiastic mama's and their little ones from all over the world. As you may know, we love giving back to the community, and we would love for our team members to genuinely show love for our products and what we stand for.
We would need high quality, well lit, raw, and uncluttered photos that showcase our products well. These photos would be used on our Facebook page, Instagram, this website, and wherever else we may see fit for promotional purposes only. 
Photos of your babes modeling our products are our absolute favorite, as well as flatlays and stack lays.
We love having babes of all ages on our team as long at they fit our sizes (3 months to 12y). Bow loving girls of all ages are also welcome to join the team! We love having siblings on our team as well!
As a member on the Logan + Greys team, you will be expected to promote our sales, giveaways, and business to the best of your ability. In exchange, you will be given a 35% discount to use on all of your purchases, as well as a 10% personalized code to share with your friends, family, and followers.  You will have the chance to join our team exclusive engagement group, and participate in TONS of team games (for prizes!). You will also have a chance to earn free surprise items in your packages. You must have an Instagram account.
We reserve the right to cancel your term early if we feel the minimum terms requirements are not met at any point.
Ready To Join The Team??
We have four team searches every 3 months. Terms last for a total of three months, generally beginning on the first of a month, and ending on the last day of a month. 
Team searches generally open up in the middle of the month. View below to see when to expect the team searches for the following seasons.
SPRING //  Team Search Will Open on January 1st
SUMMER //  Team Search Will Open on April 1st
FALL // Team Search Will Open  on July 1st
WINTER  //  Team Search Will Open on October 1st
You can find more information on our instagram @loganandgreys and on the Logan and Greys facebook page.