About Us

Hey!! So glad that you found this page. Let me introduce myself

My name is Hayley and I am the owner of Logan + Greys. I currently live and run this shop in Grand Rapids, MI. Although I consider myself socially awkward, I somehow figure out how to make some new friends everywhere I go! As some of you may know I’m a sewing addict which is one of the many reasons I felt inspired to start this business. Just about every day consist of the slight humming noise from my machine. I work hard to bring minimalistic items with fun, neutral patterns to your little ones. Every piece is made with your adventurous babe in mind. 

I created this shop mainly because I consider myself picky, ESPECIALLY when it comes to children's clothing. I constantly find myself thinking things like "oh, I wish this wasn't this color" and "I would totally buy this if it didn't have these bows right here".

I know that I am not alone in that. There are so many fellow mamas who have shared their love of all things neutral with me and are consistently helping me handpick every fabric and style that makes its way into this shop. 

Not only is everything designed with your minimalistic side in mind, but your purchase also helps out the community around us! A portion of every purchase is donated directly to families pursuing foster care and adoption! How wonderful is that?! Check out our 'Meet the ___' page to see who you are helping this month.

Along with making items for your spunky children I also spend my time with my little family and browsing etsy because let's be honest.....I practically live there!! There are so many other sweet shops out there, and keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming collabs with a few of my faves.

I hope you guys continue to follow my journey by supporting me! In return, I’ll promise to make things for your kids wardrobe that are just as sweet as they are!